EMES Fund Management

Welcome To EM-ES Fund Management LLP

EM-ES Fund Management LLP is the adviser to EM ES Fund Management Ltd the investment manager of EM-ES Fund SPC Fund Ltd which is a multi manager fund. We choose who we believe to be the best managers that can invest the Fund's monies. Our criteria include strong intellect, consistently accurate judgement, a drive to succeed and a high level of integrity.

EMES brings a fresh approach to investing. It arose because of a concern over the effectiveness of traditional investment products which are typically available to investors. We see them, generally, as poor performers, difficult to differentiate, often carrying the costs of a large bureaucratic organisation or correlated to the volatility of the main equity stock indices or a combination of these elements.

We are not herd followers because our information is gained from a unique and diverse blend of sources. We take strong macro views on geographies and strategies prior to building our portfolio to control event risk. We then differentiate ourselves further by how we select our fund managers.

We are always cognisant of our obligation to our investors – it is their capital so we have a responsibility to perform and a requirement to ensure that our investment policy allows us to meet our investors' redemption requests. As a result, we report to our investors on a monthly basis and have both monthly and quarterly dealing for redemptions, depending on the product.

We have created products which, we hope, will meet the demand of our investors from the most conservative to the most assertive of risk takers.