Anthony Steinberg and Gilad Hayeem established EMES in 2010 in response to an investment product market lacking in returns, liquidity, and differentiation. The two EMES founders pledged to use their experience in hedge fund management, hedge fund investing, financial sector talent acquisition, and financial markets to create unique hedge fund investment products of superior quality.

EMES constantly refines its assessment of hedge funds to maintain an evergreen universe of prospects. We monitor and identify managers who offer strong performance at controlled risk across various strategies and geographies. The firm has profited both from spotting successful managers at inception as well as from identifying more seasoned managers able to maintain discipline and edge.

EMES’ network of leading service providers ensures and sustains our financial and operational integrity. On this foundation EMES continues to grow its portfolios and product suite carefully and patiently over time. EMES founding partners retain a significant proportion of their net wealth invested in EMES today.