EMES' אמת


אמת ('emes' or 'emeth') is the Hebrew idea of truth. Truth is a collection of relevant facts which, by their nature, weighting and order, allow a complete and accurate picture to be revealed. אמת is a commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour that provides certainty and stability in one’s actions. It derives from the verb “aman” meaning “to support,” as אמת should form the foundation for one's decisions. אמת requires humility and discipline to do what you know to be right, while recognizing that others may not reach the same conclusions. To live one's אמת is to be on the path toward being able to fulfil one’s purpose in life.

EMES Fund Management takes its name from אמת because the concept is fundamental to the way we operate. In investing capital, an accurate evaluation of true facts is necessary in both forming a picture of the investment process but, more importantly, assessing the individuals with whom we will work to optimise the performance of our capital.  At all times, this has a base requirement of a genuine honesty in all our interactions.  EMES provides its investors the highest levels of transparency and accountability. We operate with integrity and sound judgement, and partner only with those committed to do the same. We empower managers of character and quality, who know both their weaknesses and strengths, with stable commitments of capital. These commitments to our investors, our partners, and our managers is EMES’ אמת, and the source of our success.